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I'm Nikolai Pizarro

I'm here to guide you in shifting your home culture to one that centers learning, connection, and relationship. 

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You want your children to learn and be their best but, you don't want to do more school at home? You want to teach your children but, you aren't a teacher and don't feel equipped?You want to lead with connection and relationship but, you don't have the tools? The struggle is REAL! 

Parents need tools and safe spaces to grow in community and skills.  I've developed those resources and spaces for you.  You are on you way.

Is this you?


Teaching parents how to create high quality learning environments at home.

If most of your household's violent communication, threats, bribes, punishments, and therapy revolve around schooling, then your child's education is not free. It has come with a cost. And there's a better way. 

Home as epicenter:
Literacy edition

A 12 week cohort

A cohort that teaches parents science based literacy instruction while centering humanity in community with one another?

Yeah, we love that too!

Receive love messages, inspiration and gentle reminders to center you and your children's humanity. Text to opt in.

An introduction to Raising Reader's Framework: Decenter to Center.  Become the non-anxious presence your children need at home.  

Are your kids younger than 5? You too can build your child's reading foundation using the Science of Reading.

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-Sarah mom of 2

Being a part of Nikolai's weekly parenting group has been invaluable. She pours so much knowledge and heart into us each week, sharing so many amazing strategies from research and from her own experiences. During this crazy time, she's given me tools not just survive with my kids, but thrive. She's helped me to pause and think about what's important to me as a parent and a person, and I've seen positive changes both personally and with my family. I love meeting weekly, as it gives us a chance to implement strategies and reflect, and we can be held accountable and get support while it's all fresh in our minds. It's so apparent she has such a gift and a passion for what she does, and I'm grateful to be a part of her group and to learn from her!

-Chantelle mom of 2 

I’ve been following your scope and sequence and it has really helped the girls a ton. They’re reading words they would struggle with. This is so helpful. I taught 8th grade and had NO idea what all went into teaching these foundation skills. 

-M.P mom of 3

I love you Nikolai.  You have been such a huge part of my RE-birth and it has allowed me to uncover who I truly am. Growing up I got along to get along because I thought that was what I was supposed to do and I never felt whole. Something was missing and I knew life offered more. This work is proof that life is more than going to school getting good grades, producing, houses, cars and debt. Life is about community, stewardship, disrupting, justice, joy, resistance, abolition, peace.... My kids now have the opportunity to gain from an awakening that took me 40 years to discover and to top it off -- they are reading!  Two years of specialists and tutoring couldn't do what we've done with your tools in months. Last year me could never have believed this was even possible. I want this kind of revelation to be one that all our people enjoy. This is the Good News. Thank you for this space.

-L.T. mom of 3

I am so very blessed to be part of a parenting group.  Nikolai has been our guide as we reconnect to nature, ourselves, each other, and of learning. We have found a wise and dope coach in Nikolai and are on our way. Learning is the goal.  Connection is the path. 

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    I help parents center HOME as the Epicenter of Learning, Healing, & Belonging. My commitment is to reconnect with our assignment to raise and educate our children in their wholeness.

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