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Decentralize and Humanize 

Learning to read is a human right. Knowing how to teach & support your child is also. 

Knowing how to help their children to read is good for a caregivers' soul. 

In addition to my independent work with parents, I offer lectures & workshops on a variety of topics including science of reading, science of reading for parents, emotional regulation for parents, & more - all through a trauma informed, emotionally responsive lens.

I've worked with over 400 of schools and preschool programs, 2,000 of caregivers, presented at Black Lives Matter Symposium 2020, and more. Tag you are it! 

“One of the things our ancestors held sacred, because they were always brilliant, was to be able to pass their brilliance to their children even though colonialist history paints it differently. Nikolai’s work embodies the continuation of those values and that we have all of the tools to be able to support and educate our own children.”

"In my over 20 years in education, Nikolai’s literacy training for parents is one, if not the best PD (professional development) I have attended. I am a true believer."  

Kenya Bradshaw, Chief Program Officer, Reconstruction, INC.

bookings and collaborations

Workshops for community stakeholders, parents, and educators

We talk a lot about children's reading readiness or ability but what about adults' readiness and ability to teach reading, writing, and critical thinking? 

Hourly, half, and full day workshops for community stakeholders, parents, and educators are available virtually and in-person.  Building up all adults in our children's lives is essential. 

Speaking engagements, conferences, guest podcast, blogpost

A leading voice for parenting on engaging topics such a trauma informed, emotionally responsive, science of reading instruction, self directed learning, and intergenerational healing as liberation. 

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District-wide, community organization, and/or school-wide cohorts for parents

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Any response to the reading crisis in schools that does not center parents, caregivers, and children's understanding of literacy instruction is incomplete and misguided. Parents and children need clarity and tools.

Organizations can host private 12 week virtual, in-person (Atlanta), and hybrid in-person and virtual cohorts for parents.  Every parent should be equip to teach and support literacy instruction at home. 

ways i can support schools and organizations 

Everything about Nikolai's approach to empowering families is not only good for families and their kids but for it's also good for schools and systems.  It's partnership for real, it's a village ethos, it's communal, it's ancestral.  It's literally the next stop in the logic that compelled universal prek...seeing and listening to Nikolai speak to families and connect dots in the way you would for kids but for grownups was itself a model for the power of humanity centered learning. It was reinvigorating and inspiring.  

- Nazneen, educator, Compass charter school 

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