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A more beautiful home culture starts here. Introduction to Raising Reader's Framework: Decenter to Center at Home

The Science of Reading framework for our youngest learners (ages 0-5)

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home as epicenter literacy cohort

This 12 week course and community is for parents and caregivers, of school aged children, committed to their children's literacy instruction. If you want children to read, you've got to teach them to master the code. In order to truly do that, you've got to have the right skills.

In this space, we build you up (and your child), with science based tools and strategies for literacy instruction.
But, unlike any other space, we lead with humanity centering, connection, and criticality. Experience includes:

The Foundation Bag ™

EVERYTHING you need for your emergent reader. You don't need a lot of early literacy materials. You need the right materials. Our bundle is developmentally appropriate and centers Black and Brown images of children.

  • 7 early phonics instruction booklets
  • 1 phonological & vocabulary awareness booklet
  • 1 CVC Words reading booklet
  • 1 illustrated nursery rhymes booklet
  • instructional video guide

12 week literacy cohort

  • Science based modules covering all aspects of reading in the brain, the Science of Reading (SoR), and SoR frameworks 
  • Modules for your child to understand the science of reading for themselves
  • How to videos that will teach you how to coach your child through correcting their spelling, learning phonics, building background knowledge and more 
  • Modules, videos , and coaching addressing child resistance and avoidance 
  • Done-for-You lessons designed for home and parents to build skills but will not conflict with school or overwhelm your child with rote work 
  • Explicit phonics and spelling resources which empower you to really TEACH and REMEDIATE your child's reading  
  • 12 Weeks of LIVE Coaching Sessions
  • Private virtual sessions to share wins and ask questions
  • Tools for emotional self-regulation and creating home culture and connection for when you or your child are triggered 

Raising readers' early literacy system

the lab by raising readers

10 week program

*New Program offering.

Teaching all parents how to teach their children how to read in community with other parents. The Lab by Raising Readers provides parents with a weekly space to have lesson plans read to them, receive coaching, and have opportunities to practice the lesson plans before they sit with their children! Supporting a parent-child instruction routine at home that is science-based and humanity centering.

We cannot name "reading for meaning" without naming the lobes in the brain where meaning is constructed. And we can't do that - without understanding the role of the primary caregiver's relationship, movement, and emotional development.  The science of reading is incomplete without contextualizing reading in the brain itself.  Parent led, trauma informed, emotionally responsive, brain based literacy instruction is the future.  Raising Readers is leading it!

- nikolai pizarro