The Lab by Raising Readers

Teaching all parents to teach their children to read.

When properly sequenced and organized, 15-20 minutes a day of direct explicit instruction can transform a child’s literacy journey. Lab by Raising Readers provides all parents with science-based sequenced lesson plans which will build and support a parent-child instruction routine at home. Unlike other books and programs, we understand that regardless of how scripted or easy to follow a lesson plan is, a child’s response can never be scripted. There will always be variability to any human exchange. Without support, even the most well intended parents are essentially trying out lessons they buy in the market on their children and expecting success. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. When it doesn’t, time and money is lost more and more importantly, connections between children and parents can be compromised as well as a child’s desire and motivation to read and write. We believe children and parents deserve better. 

Lab by Raising Readers provides parents with a weekly space to have lesson plans read to them, receive coaching, and have opportunities to practice the lesson plans before they sit with their children! No more “trying” things out and hoping we got it right! 

At Raising Readers we envision a reality where every child has access to 15-20 minutes a day of direct explicit instruction at home that are trauma informed, emotionally responsive, grounded in science, and led by confident, empowered parents. We are centering primary caregivers and making these moments for reading instruction opportunities to connect not disrupt. 

Our plans and a little pre-practice and support for each caregiver will get us there. 

Lab by Raising Readers is both weekly material for you and your child to work on AND a space to build you up BEFORE you work with your child. 

Enrolling now for our 6 week program!

Don't be out here by yourself.

Join our lab.

Come every week.

When do we meet?
Every Sunday for 6 weeks starting October 22nd, 2023 at 6pm ET/3pm PT. Labs are 1.5 hours long.
Lab is designed for beginner, emergent, and non-fluent readers. 
Whats included:
  • Pre-Assessment tool of child's reading level
  • Weekly Live Lab on Zoom (not recorded)
  • Literacy Lesson Plans for home learning 
  • Post-Assessment tool at completion of 6 weeks
  • Community of caregivers and parents who want to learn how to teach their child to read
  • Serving parents of 5-8 year olds 

Pre-sale: $99 for the first 20 sign-ups.
Regular price goes up to $150.